The Kingdom of Nords is one of the Factions within the Mount&Blade series. According to Nord hero Matheld, Nord people are from a place called "Nordland," although the game's description of the custom battle character Sverre claims that Nords originally came from a land referred to as "Jumne." Nordland is said to be far north of Calradia, over the sea, and is also the home of the Sea Raiders as well.

According to Matheld, the Nords were invited by the Calradic Empire to crew their galleys, and were given land on the coast as payment for this service. After the Empire fell however, a Nord leader named Gundig Hairy-Breeks landed in Calradia to claim a supposed Nord birthright of the whole continent. Matheld makes note that this was a fabrication by the skalds and qualifies it by noting the Nords need no excuse to go to war. Gundig Hairy-Breeks would be killed attempting to attack the Rock of Rivacheg, but Nords still come to Calradia under the idea of claiming Calradia by force.

This predisposition to war also factored into the rise of its current leader, King Ragnar, and the disinheritance of the claimant Lethwin Far-Seeker. The king before Ragnar and Lethwin's father, King Hakrim, had Lethwin sent abroad to learn academic arts believing that the Nords needed to be more than warriors. Ragnar disagreed and when Lethwin was shipwrecked on his way home to claim his throne, Ragnar took the throne for himself.

According to both Marnid and Deshavi, the Nords also grow flax in abundance to send to Sargoth. There, it is weaved into Linen which Marnid claims was not something produced in Calradia.

Rulers Edit

Initial Ruler
Ragnar The King
Starting Information
Kingdom Kingdom of Nords
Monarch King Ragnar
Title Monarch
Gender Male